Research Overview

My research passion is using geophysics to solve problems in hydrologic science and sustainability. My current focus is the use of geodetic measurements of surface deformation, especially InSAR, to further groundwater science and management. This research area includes the study of land subsidence, a major hazard caused by overextraction of groundwater, and groundwater storage changes. My approach is to use analytic and numerical modelling alongside remote sensing and in-situ data to answer questions such as: What is the link between groundwater levels and subsidence? How can surface deformation observations be used to constrain groundwater storage changes? How are we able to monitor subsidence today and in the future? 

The links below provide further information on my current research. Feel free to contact me if you want further information.

Publications, presentations, etc.

If you are looking for a publication of mine which you cannot find, please reach out and I shall provide it for you if possible. (It usually is). Please check below first! If you use any of the materials from these publications/presentations, please credit me.


Selected Conference Presentations/Papers

Tenth International Symposium on Land Subsidence (TISOLS) 2023

Please contact me for a copy of the presentation given at TISOLS. The  conference paper is:

California Groundwater Resources Association: Western Groundwater Congress 2022